All-inclusive kits to get Science Fair Projects done quickly and easily. We are taking the stress and mess out of Science Fair.


A required science fair project is often handed down with little instruction from the teacher.  It can be very confusing and expensive, while carrying a hefty grade for your child. 


Our goal as a company is for students to learn the valuable lessons a science fair project has to teach, without the mess, stress, or confusion. 


Science fair project kits include the materials and instructions you need to perform an elementary or middle school Science Fair experiment and write all of the necessary papers. These all-inclusive kits guide students through an interesting project from start to finish. All the materials needed to complete the project are provided.   





Our manual leads students through writing their question, hypothesis, and identifying their variables. Students then use the materials list and step by step directions to complete their experiment.


Once the experiment is complete students will use the included file access card to access all of the digital files provided.  These include sample papers and prompts to write their own papers! As you enter your results our Excel document even makes the graphs for you! 




As a science teacher, I often get approached by parents and friends to help with their children’s Science Fair Projects. That is how the idea for our business came about. A friend of mine was talking about how frustrated she and the other parents in her son’s school were with the science fair project. It hit me right then that there should be a kit that includes everything a busy family would need to complete a science fair project. I wanted to make kits where the lesson of learning the scientific process was central instead of lost in the confusion of the average project. 


Since then, my husband and I have been developing and testing our kits to make sure they are as user friendly and complete as they need to be. We are really proud of what we have made, and excited to make them available to everyone! We have also begun to sell our own curriculum and cool science labs and tools both we and our family love and learn from.


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our projects. We love these Easy Peasy Science Fair Projects and know that they will help a lot of families desperate for help with Science Fair! 


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