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Here at Easy Peasy Science Fair we are always excited to hear the good things people are saying!  

Please keep sending us your feedback.

What People are Saying:

“This is a genius product. There was no fighting, sleepless nights, complaining or anything. My daughter and I actually had a good time doing the enzyme experiment and that has never happened. I recommend this for anyone that needs an informative, interesting, well thought out project. THANK YOU EASY PEASY SCIENCE FAIR. I will be buying again this year.”

Simple, educational, and everything I needed to make my life easier."

“…no more searching all over town and the internet for some obscure Science doo dad.”

“The step by step instructions are extremely clear and it provides a fun and educational experience for children of all ages.”

“Great Investment!! Everything is there for you, all you have to do is follow the directions and your child can do the rest!!! Easiest science fair project and my daughter came in 3rd place!!!!!!”

“I am particularly impressed by the included thumb drive which provides additional materials including graphs and useful prompts for a final paper and even future studies.”

“A HUGE help to me was that he was able to do most of the project by himself, and was able to understand it on his own.”

“Overall, this is something I would recommend to anyone who needs/wants a science project.”

“Agonizing about science fair already. Check out Easy Peasy Science Fair. 
This kit is the answer to all your science fair worries!!!

“I also appreciate the way this kit includes everything needed for completing this project (no need to run all around town looking for supplies). Highly recommended!”

“It gives step by step instructions, with pictures; all the supplies that you need (no more searching all over town and the internet for some obscure Science doo dad); and a flash drive that is filled with educational material and instructions.”

“…this kit fulfills everything I want and need, as well as relieving the stress that I am usually under each year when it comes time for the Science Fair Project to be done.”

“He absolutely loved doing the project and watching it work!”

"Everthing needed with less stress."

”For the 1st time, my daughter actually understood her science fair project and most importantly she did it on her own!”

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