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We have launched a ton of new products and bundles since last year. From Snap Circuits to an astronomy bundle you will find a lot of new products to excite your family about science! Catalog

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Astronomy Bundles

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3D Pen and Bundle

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Ozobot Bundles


Snap Circuits

Last Year's Bestsellers

Here are some of the most popular products in last year's catalog.  These included our: easy to use super strong LCD Digital Microscope, portable pocket microscope, Dissection Discovery subscription boxes, and Chemistry and Biology Bundles.

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LCD Digital Microscope

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Dissection Subscription


Pocket Microscope

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Topic Bundles

Welcome to our homeschool page. We are so glad you have joined us. Our company believes in hands-on science and active learning. With an emphasis on learning content, by doing we find that many students have success with our learning model and curriculum. We try to take the boredom and anxiety out of science so that you and your child can embrace this amazing subject.


All of our project boxes contain all of the materials you need to complete them. We sell dissection subscription boxes, biology and chemistry labs, 3D pens, microscopes and telescopes. There is so much to check out that your children will love and that you can easily use in your school day. This page will show you are new products and highlight some of our most popular items.

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Click on our shop or download the catalog to learn about our hands on science kits and equipment.

We accept POs and gladly work with Homeschool Co-ops, Charter Schools and Step Up.

If we are not yet a vendor for your organization here is information to help with your request: Homeschool/Charter Request


MAKE A PURCHASE: Any family that makes a purchase this fall will be automatically entered into a giveaway for a $100 visa gift card. 

FACEBOOK GIVEAWAYS: We will run giveaways and product spotlights throughout the summer, on Facebook. Follow our facebook page now to learn about these giveaways.

Our fans say these kits ...


Teach Science!

"Everything you need for a fascinating experiment, and a great way to experience the scientific method.  this kit works as an interesting activity any time."

Are Fun!

"True lifesaver for my son. Project was detailed and fun. We both can't wait to do the next kit!"

Get it done fast!

All projects can be finished in 1-3 days.

"We finished our project in one day. It was easy and all of the materials we needed were in the box!"

Help with papers including examples!

"This kit was awesome! My daughter did the whole project by herself for the first time without getting overwhelmed and emotional. AND she won 1st place! Literally everything you need is in the kit!"


Created by an award winning science teacher. Easy Peasy Science Project Kits provide exciting labs that follow the scientific process. Used in schools to teach this process, as curriculum for homeschooling families and by students who need to do a science fair project. 

What's Inside Science Project Kits?





Each kit contains all the materials you need to do your experiment at least 4 times. Allowing a family to share.

Manual leads you through your experiment and helps you with your question and hypothesis.

Daily Journal prompts teach the science behind your project. These include videos, online labs and articles.



We teach you which graph to use for your project and how to set it. up. Our excel file will even make the graph for you!

We provide writing prompts and examples for all of these papers: Results, Conclusion, Abstract, Future Studies, Final Summary.


Use our curriculum and lesson guide to use these kits to teach science concepts at home or in a classroom.

Dissection Subscription Boxes

An amazing exploration of the human body through dissection and hands on activities. Each month you will receive  a specimen to dissect, a tool, a model or book, online dissection labs, a hands on experiment, and an easy to follow dissection guide.  Throughout the 6 months students will dissect an earthworm, pickle, kidney, heart, eyeball, brain and a frog. Lesson guides and pacing charts are included. Recommended for ages 10+.

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