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Why I Started Easy Peasy Science Fair

Did you like doing Science Fair Projects as a kid? If you are a parent, do you like doing them now?

Hi, my name is Marie I have taught science for 14 years and my husband Mike, has been teaching Math for 20 years.

Not only do I teach science but I have taught a class dedicated to Science Fair that has done very well. My students have taken the majority of the first place awards at district and even gone on to place at state and other fairs. I believe that a science fair project is one of the best ways for children to learn about the scientific process. Unfortunately, I see a lot of children and parents so confused by their projects that they miss out on the main reason for doing a project.

I often get approached by parents and friends for help with their children’s Science Fair Projects and that is how the idea for our business came about. A friend of mine was talking about how frustrated she and the other parents in her son’s school were with the science fair project. It hit me that there should be a kit that that includes everything a busy family would need to complete a science fair project. I wanted to make a kit where the lesson of learning the scientific process was central instead of lost in the confusion and mess of an average science fair project.

Our kits include:

  • A guide to lead you through creating a project question and hypothesis.

  • All of the materials needed for the experiment (so you do not have to frantically look for what you need at the store and you have just the right amount of each item).

  • A manual then helps to walks you through your experiment.

  • A thumb drive with tons of digital materials from a full color manual, Example papers and prompts. Resources a bibliography, Printable Pages and Pictures. Even an excel data table that will make your graph for you.

I know that these kits will assist a lot of families desperate for help with Science Fair!

We currently have 3 kits available and are about to launch our 4th this month. Enzyme Eaters is our original kit and it is based upon a favorite classroom lab I used to do with students. They loved seeing the enzymes in laundry detergent eat through jello. We also have a kit called Diffusion Races and a forensic kit called Glowing Detective. Stay up to date on our kits at All of our kits can be purchased on Amazon and delivered with free prime shipping in only two days.


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