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Science Fair Projects in a Box? -Sample Story

The Science Fair Project is one of the most hated and complained about assignments in all of elementary and middle school. This project is often assigned with little to no instruction from the teacher, though it is a huge task that is often a large part of a student’s grade.

These projects cost money, mess up your home, and are stressful!! You don’t know how to write the papers, how to move forward correctly, and you are worried about getting a good grade. You feel out of control and uninformed.

For those of you already stressed about this coming year’s science fair project, there is no need to fear; Easy Peasy Science Fair is here!

High quality kits such as Enzyme Eaters, Glowing Detective and Diffusion Races contain everything needed to complete your science fair project in only 1-3 days.

All of the materials needed to complete your simple yet interesting experiment are included in these kits, with easy to follow instructions written by an award winning science fair teacher.

Kits also include a manual and thumb drive. On these you will find step by step directions to help with your question, hypothesis and papers – a lot of things you may not know how to do. The information on the thumbdrive add so much value to this kit. It includes a full color manual, sample papers and prompts for writing your own. Journal prompts for basic and advanced students as well as pictures and a data table when you enter in the numbers for your experiment actually makes the graph for you.

Choose Easy Peasy Science Fair for your next project! Join the ranks of happy students who have received great grades and even placed in their science fairs while learning about the scientific process. Stay up to date on new kits at All of our kits can be purchased on Amazon and delivered with free prime shipping in only two days.


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