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Do Easy Peasy Science Lab and Project Kits align with science standards? 

Yes, whether you are interested in the Common Core or the Next Generation Science Standards, you can find many products that align with the standards. We are working on an easy way for you to find these products. In the mean time, please browse the our store for products that will work for your specific needs.

Use Easy Peasy Science Fair

Do you accept purchase orders? 

Yes. Simply fill out the form below. You can download our W-9 and email your approved vendor forms.

W-9 Download

Can Easy Peasy Science Fair Kits be used to teach science and science fair?

Yes, our kits each contain enough for 4-8 students to complete a lab by separating the trials. Many teachers and school programs use our kits to teach topics such as DNA extraction, diffusion and the scientific method. These kits all follow the scientific method and show students how to correctly identify their variables, how to set up an experiment, collect and display data and how to write scientific papers. All materials are included and if students are paired as lab partners 3 kits will be enough for a class of 24 to complete an experiment. 

Can I place a bulk order for my classroom, group or event? 

Simply email us at and our team will get back to you with exclusive pricing for your needs.

Filling out a Purchase Order

Easy Peasy Science Fair offers schools the opportunity to purchase kits materials and curriculum using instructional funds.


Shop our store. When filling out your purchase order write the title of the product/s you would like to order. Please send all purchase orders to .

Exclusions: Purchases made via purchase orders are not eligible for our referral program or promotional code discounts or free shipping.  There is a $50 minimum purchase for any purchase made using a purchase order.


Chemistry Bundle

Biology Bundle

Microscope Bundle


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