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6 Great Science Fair Boards! 


Some science fair boards just look better than others.  Check out the great boards below to see what makes them better than an average board!

Our Science Fair Project Kits


The contrast between the black and yellow makes this board pop. Most of the titles are simply printed and cut out with the exception of the header.  The magnifying glass and crime scene tape decorate the board while still allowing there to be room for the actual work and papers.  You can't say that about all boards!


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This board has a dramatic header and what really makes it stand out is that the entire background is an image.  We really like that while the background is interesting it is simple enough to let the project info shine.  


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Pictures, pictures, pictures.  This board is great because it is visually interesting.  The pictures show the student with her project as well as actual before and afters and project set up.  This is the kind of board that clearly shows what the student did.  

The 3D title is what makes this board stand out.  The props are nice too. Though we would love to see more content on the board the title does draw you in.  


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What is it about popcorn boards that look so good!  This board is doing several things right.  Using only 3 main colors really makes it pop (heh heh).  The header is dramatic and visually attractive.  Instead of pictures actual popcorn kernals were attached to the board which is unique.


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Alright, we couldn't resist posting this!  It really is a great board.  If you feel this way about science fair check out some of our science project kits to help make this year a little easier for you! 


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DNA Extraction

Which detergent works best?

Hand Sanitizer vs. Bacteria

Forensic Science

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